Why Wi-Fi In Hotels Is Important

Free wi-fi at luxury accommodation Tasmania

So, you have just renovated the lobby area of your hotel. You have nice new signage that is clear and sure to draw people’s eyes to it. The pool area is nice and modern, but did you think about reliable Wi-Fi when you went through the decisions for the renovations? Having a reliable connection can increase your business and draw more customers and existing customers back. Your hotel has to be about the guests the aim is to keep them coming back. I recently found some luxury accommodation Tasmania that had free Wi-Fi and it made me want to book it, so don’t think it doesn’t affect customers!

While away people communicate on Skype

A clean room, fresh sheets and plenty of light coming in are important so is the speed of your internet, how reliable your connection will make or break the bond your customers have with your premises. People that are staying in a hotel are away from their loved ones and they keep in contact via skyping if their connection keeps dropping out, they won’t return.

Do what the guests want

Wi-Fi is important to travellers for business, as a recent study showed that 90% of business people need Wi-Fi in their rooms. Most of the people surveyed stated they would not return to a hotel with an unreliable Wi-Fi service.

What is classed as good?

You can determine whether your business is up to speed with their Wi-Fi by ensuring you are getting a download speed of around 2mbps and upload speed sitting at 1mbp. You also want to make sure you’ve got a stability rating of 3 out of 5 the more stars the better.

The added benefits of Wi-Fi  

It isn’t just the guests that love the Wi-Fi and it makes their life easier did you know it can work for your business? You can use Wi-Fi throughout the hotel here’s how:

Remote check-in: The check-in process can be made easier by letting guests check in from a remote kiosk. There is also the option of signing in with a mobile device. GPS service for their suites, gym area and even the restaurant.

Housekeeping: You can have a notification be sent to the staff when someone has checked out of the hotel so they can start preparing the room asap. The housekeeping can then notify the manager when the room is ready for a new check-in.

The Luggage: The bellman can carry out tasks easier and quicker thanks to the Wi-Fi devices. They can have a list ready of everything they need to get done. No more time wasted running up and down floors. As its down to real-time communication, it better serves the customers and saves the bellman’s steps.

Customization: Wouldn’t your guests love to walk into a suite that has everything they want? The temp is right for them and the right amount to curtain is open. With Wi-Fi, you can create the setting for each guest and have it ready before they walk inside.

Wi-Fi can be beneficial in so many ways. Even if you offer romantic getaways in Tasmania, the happy couples will want wifi to post their photos on social media.

Seeing as it can be so positive for your business, there is no reason not to have a decent, reliable WiFi connection installed in your hotel.